lunes, 17 de octubre de 2011

[STORY TELLER PROJECT I]:Knigths & Princess

Once upon a time in a far, far away land there was a kingdom.
The king was a virtuous man but he was worried about something: the children of the kingdom were disappearing and the last one was the princess.

One day, while the king was in a meeting, someone arrived. He was a knigth who had listenen about the troubles.
The knigth asked the king about the disappearences.
The king thought that the responsible one was a wizard. The wizard lived in a tower far away from kingdom.

The knight decided to go to the tower.
He crossed mountains and valleys.
Finally, he arrived to the Dark Mountain,in the middle of which the Black Tower was set.

The knight entered in the Black Tower.
There was a dragon in the first floor.
He defeated it and continued going up.

The other floors were full of traps.
He finally reached the top.
The princess and the children were in a big jail.

The Wizard attacked the knight, who fought back.

After a hard battle, the knigth won.
He set free the princess and the children and they escaped from the tower.

They returned to the kingdom, where the knigth was named hero.
Este es un relato que he ido escribiendo en la agenda con una frase al día.Este domingo lo terminé y hoy he empezado uno nuevo.
Lo más probable es que os parezca que tiene tópicos,pero esta pensado para ello.
Espero que os guste :D
@IsabellaS96 ha hecho un video con el relatao. Pasadlo y vedlo!

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